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ATTENTION: B2B Service Companies & Consultants
Don't Believe the 1 Myth and 4 Lies 
You're Told About Scaling Your B2B Company
"Instead, Get the Raw Truth Behind 
Growing Your Business, Fast"

Hey, Tim Conley here...

Let’s settle this once and for all.

At some point, the online business community, “business bloggers” and podcasters started parroting a myth.

It’s ridiculous.

And for anyone who cares to open their eyes, it’s obviously false:

The Myth:

“You can’t scale a B2B service or consulting business”


Open your eyes and look around. 

B2B service companies and consulting firms are pulling in hundreds of millions, billions even, every single year.

Businesses, just like yours, are doing this – agencies, financial service providers, developers, marketers, consultants, designers – you name it.

They’re growing to $1 million dollars, then $3MM, $5MM, $10MM and beyond.

The Truth:

Yes, you can scale a B2B service or consulting business, fast – to $1MM, $5MM and beyond

But even if you know that to be true, you’re then slapped in the face with more deception.

You have “business gurus” feeding you lies about HOW you can scale:

Lie #1:

The Secret of Success Sellers – They hype a “new” discovery to

sell bloated books, pitchfest seminars, generalities and fluff.

Lie #2:

The False Promises of Hustle & Grind – You’re not a “true” entrepreneur if you’re not working 14 hour days, weekends, drinking Bulletproof coffee from a firehose and bragging about it on Facebook or Instagram.

Lie #3:

The Silicon Valley Hustle – Work insane hours, tell everyone how you're a champ, gonna change the world and bank a billion or two doing it. The only way to grow is with VC money and acquisition stunts.

Lie #4:

SOP Or Die – Turn your business into McDonalds or else you can’t scale. Create gigabytes of SOPs and process documents (that no one follows) because #systems and #process, right?

Let’s call bullshit on all that, too, please.

The Truth:

You can scale without following the hype, 

hustle insanity, startup frenzy or SOP delusions

Doing so is simple (but not easy).

In fact, you only need to implement a few growth strategies at the right time for your business.

And there’s plenty you don’t need to do just yet.

But without those strategies, you’re at risk of making devastating mistakes, being blindsided by unknown dangers, pitfalls and silent killers.

So right now, you can get a handful of growth strategies, lessons and insights that are meant to help you do one thing: 

Grow a B2B company like yours to $1MM in revenue and beyond, fast.

Get signed up now for these strategies (you'll get them via email).

You get the insights, strategies and tactics 

required to grow to $1MM, $5MM+ in revenue

And you’ll see exactly how you do this:

  • By doing a lot less than you think is needed right now
  • Earning more revenue without you being involved
  • With a team of “A Players”, who are self-reliant and getting quality work done
  • Making your clients happy, satisfied and raving about your company
  • Turning your business into a sellable asset (if that’s what you want)
  • While you’re still making the kind of money you want to support your lifestyle
  • Without sacrificing any of your freedom and flexibility
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